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  • Saving 25 feet of the best 4-ply writing continued

Currently I am offering two feature-length scripts online at and New England



It's a story we already know - the John Kennedy assassination, November 22,1963. But, this is the behind- the-scenes story of the Wire Service writers, editors and teletype operators in Dallas who sorted through carnage, conflicting questions, and frustrating technology to get the story, get it right, and get it on the A-Wire. The ending touches the more than 1.5 million messages of condolence received by Jackie following the assassination.




(alternate title: How Santa Claus Came To Whisky Alpha Romeo)


When DICK BULLEN, a “Velcro PFC” and former “bad boy” motocross star decides to ride through combat on Christmas Eve to be Santa for a young Muslim boy; he and FAWZIA AKBAR, a “Lipstick Freedom Fighter”, take on The Brotherhood, a Taliban-like enemy in live-fire motocross combat.

 To read the synopsis: click here


  • 2013 - Lucky Penny Productions and Napa Valley Theatre, Napa, CA selected "How Santa Clause Came To Whisky Alpha Romeo"  (10:00) as part of their "8 Tens at Christmas" series.

  • 2013 – TMPW, New York City, staged reading, “Pop Goes The MAD Man” (10:00)

  • 2013 Theatre One, Middleboro, MA staged reading, “Dante In Jiffy Lube” (10:00)

  • 2012 Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest, Semifinalist, “The Substance of Love” – One Act

  • 2011 Nor’Eastern Play Writing Contest,  Finalist, “Dante In Jiffy Lube” – One Act

  • 2009 “Clothes Line”; “Best of the Rest”, Actor’s Theatre, Santa Cruz, CA; Liana Moraru, Director. (Staged reading.)

  • 2008 “Prisoner #101067 Public Speaking Report: The Life And Times of Tupac Shakur And Excerpts From The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli”, Staged reading by Resilience of the Spirit: Human Rights Festival (July) 2008. 6th @ Penn Theatre, San Diego, CA.

  • Peace Child”, 1988, Commissioned by Unity Church of Dallas, TX. Full length musical production performed by more than 60 children and adults.

  • A Day In The Life Of Bennett Glazier”, 1985, Commissioned by Roger Staubach, former Dallas Cowboys Quarterback, Dallas, TX. One-act comedy performed at a private birthday party attended by some 100 close friends.

  • Thanksgiving: The American Spirit”, 1984, Randy Tallman Productions. One-act historical drama performed at Thanksgiving Square, Dallas, TX for the National Day of Prayer and Thanksgiving during the Republican National Convention.


  • “The Texas 150th Birthday Celebration”, 1985, treatment commissioned by Cormac Communications / Texas National Television Productions. Produced by CBS, this 3-hour television special was hosted by Willie Nelson and others.


  • 1978 -“Night Ride”, © Copyright 1978. Optioned to Crescendo Cinema III, Fort Worth, TX. Feature length.


(Selected from more than 100 productions)

  • 2007 - Word Of Faith International Christian Center, Detroit, MI. 10:00 second web musical intro. lyrics for Media Arts Productions, Detroit, MI.

  • 2005 - “Tech Know”, Media Arts Productions, Detroit, MI. Comedy for University of Michigan Technology Transfer Agency, stage show / video shoot.

  • 2005 - “N.E.W. Center 10th Anniversary”, Media Arts Productions, Detroit, MI. Non-Profit Enterprise At Work 10th Anniversary highlight show.

  • 1991 - “The Ark In The Park”, Theatre Arts Productions, Birmingham, UK. London Zoological Society multi-media production.

  • 1989 – Represented by Lexicon Creative Services Ltd., London, England. Scripts for British Telecom, Social Services and other enterprises.

  • 1985 - “Coca-Cola Centennial Bottlers’ Meeting”,  Produced by Corporate Magic, Dallas, TX. Four-hour extravaganza staged in the Omni Centre in Atlanta, GA  and included live song /dance starring the Pointer Sisters and film / video / slide segments.featuring stars from MGM (owned by Coke at that time).  I led a team of 3 writers who wrote for more than one year on this show.

  • 1984 - “National Association Of Broadcasters”, Produced by Corporate Magic, Dallas, TX. Three hour live performance including comedy, lyrics and film / video / slide elements. Then President Ronald Regan delivered a video segment which I wrote.

  • 1983 - “Southland Corporation Annual Sales Meeting”, 1983. Bill Cosby, host. Three hour live performance including comedy, lyrics and film / video / slide elements.

2013 Kudos


HOW SANTA CLAUS CAME TO WHISKY-ALPHA-ROMEO 10:00 stage version selected for production by Lucky Penny & Napa Valley Theater, Napa, CA as part of their "8X10 Christmas Festival", December 2013



1-act stage version

     Congratulations ! Your play has been selected out of 140 entrants, to be part of Theatre One's Slice of Life Festival of New Ten Minute plays. The performances will be March 22,23 and 24 at the Alley Theatre 133 Center St Middleboro, MA. Five different plays will be read at each performance and the audience will respond to a questionaire pertaining to your play that will be forwarded to you, in hopes that it will encourage and help guide you as you countinue your journey as a playwright.



Peg Holzemer

Producing Artistic Director Theatre One Productions


10:00 stage version


Dear Jean,
      Thank you for submitting your play to The Collective NY's first Collective10 Ten-Minute Play Festival: 13 For 2013! We received over 300 scripts in a blind submission process, and spent countless hours debating and advocating in the final weeks.

     Your play was read by a committee of 8 individuals, read aloud to our Permanent Ensemble during our Collective Monday workshop to high praise, and was ultimately chosen as a Top 30 Finalist out of the 300+ plays submitted. Selecting from that pool of exceptional talent was a difficult task tempered by the considerations of a festival program.

     Ultimately, our decisions came down to creating a balanced evening of theatre, and sadly we will not have a place for your play in this inaugural fest, but know how impressed we were with your script and that we hope to create an opportunity to work together in the future.



One act stage version

Mr. Yeager:

   "A-Wire" was one of the twelve plays that advanced to the semifinals of our annual contest!  Unfortunately, it was not one of the five finalists which will be given a staged reading this year.  But the judges were so impressed with the work that with your permission we will submit it again in next year's competition, with no need for an additional processing fee.  Just let us know if this meets with your approval.


Jesse Waldinger

Chair, Play Selection Committee

HRC Showcase Theatre




One Act stage version

Greetings Playwrights & 1st Panel Readers: 

     We send many thanks to the 21 readers who just finished reading the 7th Annual Nor’Eastern Playwriting Contest.  Thanks to the 52 playwrights from all over the Northeast who made this such an exciting first round to read.

The following plays have advanced to the 2nd panel.  These 14 plays have moved on to the second level.  From these plays 7 will advance to the final reader and 3 will be selected to workshop and showcase on May 9, 10 & 11, 2013.  Continuing playwrights, please keep those dates open for us.


Best wishes to all.

Peter Marsh

Sandra Gartner

     Vermont Actors’ Repertory Theatre

     Producing Directors